Bunk Beds & Loft Beds By Scallywag, England!

Discover English quality combined with convenience and timeless style!

Scallywag offers a modular bed system which grows with your child: simply add the right conversion kit to the bed as the child matures!

This bed system for children starts with a starter twin bed. As the child grows and needs more room the bed can be lifted and converted into a Cabin or a Loft bed with the help of a simple conversion kit. If you need to make room for another child you can convert the same starter bed into a bunk bed, using the bunk conversion kit. A truly modular system that saves expenses, space, and keeps your child the bed he or she loves! A large selection of add-on furniture is available to fit under Cabin and Loft beds and on the side of the Bunk beds: wardrobes, desks, storage, anything your child may need!



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